Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding Love in Christian Dating Sites

I was laughing but I learned a lot when I read one of the anecdotes that were posted on the Internet about a man who was once victimized by online dating stalkers. It was a bad experience and in a church nearby, the man attended and met a supposed single girl. When she started to approach the girl, she found out that the girl already have a boyfriend whom she believe is Mr. Right. He asked the girl where she met him. The girl answered, “The Internet!”

He couldn’t believe that a church girl would find true love in an Internet dating site. But soon he found out that the girl found his ‘right’ guy from a Christian dating site. The guy was surprised and he never thought that it was still possible to find guys and girls online that are probably not stalkers! I said to myself, it makes sense. You can find honest and quality dates in a Christian dating site.

Photo credit: Christian Dating Sites

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